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Saffron and Iran are linked together, Iran is the largest producer of saffron, with more than 90% of the world production which are exported to 45 countries. Persian saffron also called Red Gold is a natural spice. It is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength.

Saffron is derived from the flower of Crocus sativa, commonly known as the "Saffron Crocus". Saffron crocus grows to 20–30 cm, with three vivid crimson stigmata. The stylesand stigmataare collected and dried to be used mainly as a seasoningand coloring agent.  The stigma is the edible and commercial part of saffron. The stigma has many chemical components, such as: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, Crocin, Safranal and Picrocin.

Crocin (color), Picrocrocin (flavor) and Safranal (aroma) are the important factors in saffron. Higher amount of these compounds provide higher quality of saffron.

Arian (Kala Tous) Investment, Industrial and Trading Group provides different kinds of saffronwith the highest quality: Our product is pure, fresh and completely organic and contains all the relevant tests and standards such as ISO 3632-1:2011 and ISO 3632-2:2010. Our specialists carefully pick the saffron flowers in the farms and they are cleaned, processed, controlled, and packed in the factory with less than one percent impurity.

Different kind of saffron that this group can provide are as bellows:



This kind of saffron is pure and contains stigma without style like common All Red saffron, but the remarkable features of this kind is longer and thicker threads with less broken than the common saffron and its coloring power is very high (240-270USP). The NeginSaffron is the most expensive variety of saffron.



Sargol (All red):

This kind includes stigma without cream and just consists of red parts of stigma with a high power of coloring and aroma. From each 105 kg of saffron flower, 1kg of Sargol saffron is produced and extracted. Sargol saffron has a very high quality and coloring power (220-240USP or more)




Poushal (Muncha):

Poushal is longer and thicker than Sargol. This kind includes red stigmata with 2-5 mm yellow style thread. The color strength is about 180-200USP or even more and each 101 kg of saffron produced 1kg of Poushal. Poushal has the same power of coloring and aroma as Sargol type and it is usually used for fantasy and luxury packaging.





This type includes stigma with the whole part of cream (red and yellow parts) which is bunched and tied. The coloring strength of Bunches is usually about 140-160USP. Some customers upon their usages prefer to buy this type.