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Engineering Services & Production

Nowadays providing engineering and technical ability and implementation of different projects in different industries plays a significant role in the development of economic and political relations, trade, foreign exchange earnings, creating productive jobs and knowledgetransfer.

Arian (Kala Tous) Investment, Industrial & Trading Group by employing experts and specialists, cooperating with plants and using new technology methods, has effective role in the provision of technical services and issuing industrial and engineering services. The major services of this group includes oil and gas well drilling services, design, management, procurement, implementation, construction, equipping and maintenance of industrial plants such as cement, water industry and water supply equipment in this area.

This group also tries by working in different fields such as feasibility studies, management, investment, supply and manufacturing of equipment for projects related to various industries such as oil and gas industry, has an active presence in this regard. Since the production boosts the chain value in the organization and on the other hand it causes the national development, Arian (Kala Tous) Investment, Industrial and Trading group put its activity into action in the field of water pumps and irrigation equipment with the help of its capable specialists, and with mass production and export of these equipment has a significant role in helping to develop domestic production and localizing the newest technologies in this industry.

This group with the help of young and experienced manpower, market knowledge, financial resources, representative offices and easy access by rail, road and sea, has a large prospect in the field of production and localization of technologies. This group also with working in the scope of producing and processing of animal feed, poultry and fish had a significant role in the establishment of the largest animal feed factory in the east of Iran.