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General Trading

Despite of having rich oil and gas reserves in Iran, metal and nonmetal mines, easy access to major export markets and all kinds of transport methods including road shipment, sea and air freight, are the main reasons to make Iran one of the largest exporters of the

Middle East and Asia. Arian (Kala Tous) Investment, Industrial & Trading Group with over 20 years of brilliant background in international trade and export to countries such as China, India, countries of the CIS, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE is one of the major activist in this area. This group cooperates and joint venture with the largest domestic manufacturers in various industries such as oil, gas and mining industries and has a diverse commodity basket. The company s main export products are as follows:

- Petroleum products

- Petrochemical products

- Minerals

The vision of this company in the field of international trade is defined as, further development of export markets, building strong interactive relationships with customers, working with reliable producers and maintaining this connection and procedure valid. This group rely on executive experiences, management knowledge, experts and fundamental scientifc research in commercial and competitive markets and is always trying to take advantage of their specialized capabilities in this area and improves the variety and quality of products, to fulfill these important goals. To facilitate business cooperation, this group has established commercial office in the United Arab Emirates and has representatives in other countries. This group has also ability to provide customer needs in other fields in large quantities.