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The cement industry as one of the basic industries has crucial role in development of economic infrastructure in any country. This industry is developed in the Iran, in recent years Iran reached to fourth position in cement production in the world.

Iran is the first producer and exporter of cement in the Middle East and the fourth largest producer of cement in the world.

Iran has 72 cement factories and has the ability to produce and export 27 types of cement in accordance with the national and international standards. Cement is a combination of calcium oxide (lime), with other oxides such as aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide and alkaline oxides that desire to mix with water, and on exposure to air and underwater become progressively harder and resistant. Due to the multiple uses and different fields and terms of use , various types of cement, such as Portland cement, Masonry Cement, Pozzolanic Cement, White and Colored Cement, and Oil Wells Cement and etc.

With 20 years of experience and expertise in cement exports Arian (Kala Tous) Investment, Industrial and Trading Group is now able to provide three types of cement: Cement type 5, anti-sulfate cement, oil wells (Type J) Cement in packaging of 50-pound pp bags, jumbo bags, sling bags and in bulk.